Date: 2009-07-20 04:43 pm (UTC)
He submits to her ministrations with passable grace, grumbling only a little when her examination sends pain shooting through his arm, and when she prods at the wound he just lets out a little hiss of air, rather than swearing at her.

He thinks for a moment that he's gotten away with it, when she goes into the clinical discussion of the extent of his injury, which is ... basically about what he thought. Having a sling will be a pain in the ass, but he can see the logic in her thought process and, given the rate he heals at, he shouldn't need it for too long.

But she's not so easily fooled as that, Martha. She recognises his change of subject for precisely what it was.

He shakes his head and looks up; his eyes meet hers for a moment, and see nothing there but sympathy.

"I'm not pretending for your sake, Martha," he says, wincing as she flushes out the wound.

It's funny, how honest he sometimes feels he can be with Martha. It's probably because she's the only person who could possibly understand some of the things he's been through.

"I've lost everyone I've ever loved, except the Doctor," he says to the desk-top. "It's easier not to love at all."

And if fooling himself or pretending that things don't matter as much as they do make the inevitable parting less painful, that's worth it.

He's not able to fool himself any longer that he's succeeded with that where Ianto's concerned.
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